Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sleeping Twin Babies

When Twins A&E were infants, Daddy and I used to go into their room after we knew they are asleep...and just watch them sleep.

Oh, what angels they were and still are today.

But when they were tiny infants, oh, they were just so sweet to watch sleeping.

When our babies learned to "turn over" on their bellies and sleep, that was the sweetest position to see them sleeping in. They have their heads turned, usually to the right, where we could see their faces and pursed lips.

Sometimes, even today, the sleep with their bottoms in the air.

It is so cute to watch.

With your twin baby infants, this is something I would not miss. Cherish these moments with your infants, they will be stories you and Daddy will tell them when they are able to talk and comprehend what you are saying.

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