Monday, June 25, 2007

My Twins and Old Neighhors

This afternoon, with my twins in tow, I went to deposit a very, very, small check, then since I was around my old neighborhood, I drove over to our sweet neighbors home, knocked on their door and they came out to see A&E.

Oh, they were so happy to see them and see how big they were getting. They too could not belive they were once preemies and are now very healthy baby girls who love to walk, run and talk up a storm!

After we said I goodbyes, I drove over to Daddy's office and A&E got to see their Auntie, Daddy and Poppa for a little bit. They had just missed their cousin.

When that little trip was over, Mommy went to Starbucks and got a frappachino, drove home, put the girls in their their bathing suits and they played in their LiL' Squirts Baby Pool.

So, all in all, we had a good day....

Like I stated before, they love going outside in the warm weather.

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