Monday, June 18, 2007

Vaccuming with my Twins

This morning, I dusted and vaccumed my home...with my twins in tow.

They love being by the vaccum, unlike my cat who is skiddish and runs like a bat out of you know what to get away from the loud noise she thinks is coming to get her.

So, I began vaccuming in my living room, then the babies room, then my bedroom, hallway, computer room then part of the family room.

They kept trying to unplug the vaccum and walk on the vaccum itself.

I hope they are this emthused about vaccuming when they are a little bit older.

I could certainly use some extra hands, instead of the hands that destroy everything around them.

Today, I had to remove some items from my living room because they constantly climb on it and could break it and I found out today they broke off the back of my favorite frames I got from Pier One as a birthday gift. The thing is, if I could find the backing for my frame, I would try and fix it, but where is the backing? Good question...

Oh, goodness, what am I going to do? I am guessing I will have to remove all my items from my home and just have a bare home, no furniture, not nothing...just walls and carpet.

So, having a singelton is probably just like having twins, except my twins are little destroyers...and I have two of them....

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