Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Target run with twins

So yesterday, I went to Target to get another frame that has 9 places for photos. My aunt already gave me one for Christmas last year and I wanted to get another one that matches. I found the one I was looking for. Thank goodness.

Anyway, as I was putting the twins in the stroller and strolling up to the store, I see above me, three jets and they are spraying what looks like chemicals, all through the sky. There were two little jets and one big one. The big one left what I call chemtrails really big and very noticable in the sky. But I saw no one looking up! Then, I see what looked like a making of a rainbow. I mean, all the colors were there, but no rain and no full rainbow. It was weird.

Now today, the wind is whipping up real good and there are rain clouds and it is cold.

Today, I had to wear jeans and put the girls in one of their pant outfits to keep them warm.

Back to Target, when I got to the checkout , I forgot my purse...I thought I had forgotten it at home, but no, it was under the babies diaper bag..good thing too because I did not want to drive all the way home to get it..

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