Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Twins love Being in Public

Today, the four of us met my aunt and uncle at this park we like to go to in Pleasanton. It is very big and has lots of space for the babies to run around in. There are also slides and swings and those two seater bouncy rides. They just love those.

Anyway, you would think that it almost being summer the weather would have been nice, but no, it was windy/breezy, even in the sun. We moved around twice to get a good spot to relax in.

My uncle brought his guitar and A and E loved it. They were like his own little groupies, dancing and clapping their hands.

We bring their soccer balls for them to run and kick the balls with. I believe they have been kicking and throwing balls since they were 10 or 11 months old.

After the park, met up at this downtown local pizza parlor. When we got there, the waitress asked us our drink order, then brought then to our table and when she did, a glass or red wine fell onto our table and got all over my right side. My new yellow Tshirt had red spots all up and down it. I loved that shirt. My Aunt took it home with her to see if she can get the stains out. But then, my Uncle, spilled his glass or red wine too and it got on "E"s pink skirt and polka dotted shirt my Mom got her and here sister to match. I am now trying to get those stains out myself.

What a day......It is a good thing my Aunt brought me a Mickey Mouse Tshirt to change into. She said something about God knowing this would happen and this is why she brought me the Tshirt.

Oh yeah, and my twins love being in public and seeing people and looking at anything and pointing. I think that is cute.

So, that was out Saturday.

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