Thursday, June 28, 2007

When Mommy Gets a Break

Just recently, like within the past month, Twin "A", more than Twin "B", has become very attached to me when our friend comes over to watch them for two hours, one day a week.

Twin "A" cries and cries and wraps her arms around me and does not want to me leave.

This is so sad and still typical of what happens at this age with toddlers and their Mommy, or Daddy.

So, today, our friend called my cell phone, when I was out and about, and Twin "A" got to talk me Mommy. Well, I did not hear the phone ring, but instead listened to my VM.

My sweetie pie!

She is not like this when I leave her and her sister with Daddy, but then again, they love Daddy and know Daddy who laughs with them and plays with them, just like our friend does.

Oh well, this is something she will have to go through. Everytime our friend comes over, Twin "A" now knows Mommy is leaving for a few hours to recharge!

**Just today, I was talking to my Mom and she said if I were working outside the home or if they were in daycare, they would not be going through this withdrawl of Mommy leaving so much, and yes, I do not know this**

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