Friday, August 16, 2013

Twins Begin School This Week

My twins began school this week. Even though their summer was short, we did a lot to keep them busy and just have a fun time. We went to see my parents, sister (and her boys-my nephews-my twins cousins), and  my Gramma and one of my Aunt's. We stayed at my parents home for two weeks. Those two weeks went by way to fast, in my opinion, but my twins had a great time at the beach, 2x, park, going to get a pedi and manicure, going to movies and shopping.

Then, the weekend before school began, we went to a campsite near a Northern California beach. It was cold....and we might not go to that campsite again. But my goodness, we should have known it would be cold. The Northern California beaches are usually always colder than in Southern California. Well, on our last day of camping, we drove down 17 Mile Drive, hoping to see some Deer. We saw no Deer, but we stopped at each cove and got out of our car to play in the water. 

My twins, they love the ocean water, warm or cold. This day was no different. They put on their swim suits and played in the water. BRRR, no thank you! I passed on playing in the water. While playing in the water, we did play in the  Tide Pools. My twins, silly girls, would call the Tide Pools, 'tight pools' or something like this.

All in all, we had a great summer. It is a shame school has to begin when it is still hot outside. I miss the days when starting school after Labor Day was the norm. I do not understand why the schools, public I suppose, have to start school in August.

Anyway, this was the first week of school. My twins are in the 3rd grade now and they love their teacher! They have a lot of their friends from last year in their class this year. Some of their close friends though, are not attending their school this year and my twins are sad. So is Mommy. We pray though that my  twins close friend will be able to attend my twins school like she did in 1st grade.

 This year, in my twins classroom, all the students have their own desks, facing the blackboard and the classroom is small, but there are still the same amount of students as last year. Just like 1st and 2nd grade, my twins are not sitting next to each other. This is a plus for me, my twins and the teacher.

Now, unlike last year, my twins will have to complete a homework assignment everyday to be handed in everyday. This should be easy for my twins though and it allows my twins to not be lazy. Yesterday was Open House, I think it is called Open House, to meet the teacher. She is adorable and has such a good attitude. I like how her class is structured and all the rules for the class she passed out to the parents.

Yeah, this will be a good school year, indeed!


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