Friday, August 23, 2013

Twice Girlies Have School Photos Today

Alright, this is the end of the second week of the 2013/2014 school year. So far my twins have not had a lot of homework. This week they did two math pages, read all week long with Mommy from the McGuffey's Reader. This book has good stories in it and prayers to. My twins also studied for their spelling test and put together an "All About Me"/Show and Tell" brown bag for class. Their second week of school has been pretty slow and easy. I am hoping they receive more school work soon and I receive their teacher's email address to.

Oh, my twins also plan to purchase some books from Scholastic in their library either today or some time next week. I think my twins like to look through the book catalog and buy the books, instead of reading the books they buy. I don't know, maybe it is just me, but this is what I see. Mommy will have them loving to read by the end of the year though. My twins know Mommy loves reading. I can read 2-3 books at a time on my Kindle Fire.

Oh but I digress.....

So today is their 2013/2014 school photo session. I had them wear the outfit they wore on the first day of school last year. I love this outfit and with all the awesome clothes they have to wear everyday, I had planned on them wearing this totally cool dress Auntie Amy got them, but then I was looking through their closet and found these cute tops/shirts sets Nana got them last year for the first day of school.

Well, I changed my mind at the last moment, last night as they were going to bed. So, this is what they are wearing and I hope their photos turn out good..Last years photo was alright, but I would like this years to turn out better...

Here is for hoping and praying....

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