Tuesday, October 1, 2013

There is no need to stress out about Dell computer parts

Every computer, at one time or another will need to have some parts repaired. Even the best laptop computer will need to be upgraded with current parts available by the laptop company. The best way for a laptop to increase its speed is by updating, installing, new parts. In fact, the best way for any laptop to last more than a year is by installing new parts. For those with a lot of laptop parts knowledge, they can either install parts themselves, or send the laptop to a company that installs Dells computer parts. For those wanting parts installation done right the first time, it is best to go through a Dell computer repair company the first time around.

One laptop part that might be overlooked, at times, for needing a new part is the motherboard. This is practically the heart of the laptop, or desktop, computer. Now, because there are more than one type of Dell laptop, desktop, computer, there will be more than one motherboard. It is important to look for, and purchase the one made for your laptop, desktop, computer. The last thing anyone wants is to look at, and purchase, the wrong motherboard. Right now, Dell has over fifteen makes and models of motherboards.

These are the current Dell computer motherboards to look at and purchase:

  • Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) with Integrated Intel Graphics - UMA - HNGW4  
  • Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) Motherboard System Board with Discrete ATI Graphics - 6V89F
  •  Dell Alienware M17xR3 Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) - GFWM3 
  •  Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) with Nvidia Quadro 1700M Graphics - K390N 
  • Dell Adamo 13 Motherboard with Intel SU9400 Core 2 Duo 1.4Ghz / 2GB Memory - 9VK9Y


Being a Dell computer customer is great because they have excellent customer service and when it comes to needing a new part, specifically motherboards, Dell offers all the motherboards needed by customers for their particular repair. The last thing computer customers want is to waste time fixing their computer. This is why it is best to have a computer repaired right the first time around. This, indeed, will lower anyone's stress level.

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