Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twins Have a Weekend Surprise!

This weekend my twins are going to be so surprised! Their Nana, Papa and cousins are coming up to see them. Oh my goodness, they will be so surprised to see not only their Nana and Papa, but their cousins who they love so much. My parents will be staying at a hotel this time and the hotel has a pool. My twins will love playing in the pool with their cousins. It will be a short weekend, but at least Nana and Papa get to see their precious TwiceBabies.

Nana could not stand it any longer, she has to see her precious twinies...they are growing up so fast and the next time Nana and Papa will see them is this summer, but still, Nana could not wait any longer. It has been since Christmas since Nana saw her TwiceBabies. There really is not much to do in one full day in our city. The boys, if they bring their skate boards, can go to the skate park and girls can bring their razors. It would be nice to just not spend any money at all.

There is no need to always spend money to have fun, right? Now, I have to think of something else to do that does not cost money...

Oh yeah, I am so excited for my twins because they will jump into Nana and Papa's arms like they do me everyday they get home from school.


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