Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It sounds like my twins are sleeping

Hmm, that is certainly funny, sounds like my twins are sleeping. They do not snore, but I do not hear them talking. If my twins are not talking, they are more likely than not, sleeping. Plus, Daddy just came home. When Daddy comes home, they always run to see him. This is a good indication they are sleeping.

I think the walk to and from the park today wore them out. Oh, this is a good thing. Oh, it brings me back to the days when they were babies and toddlers and would sleep for at least 2 hours. I never, ever, get them sleeping anymore. It is so rare they fall asleep on their own.

After my twins did some reading and math, they sat down to watch some television, which I did stop them from doing during the school week, but they are on Easter vacation, so I had to allow them to watch television this week only.

Well, we had a good day, let's see if we have a good evening.

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