Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating Family Memories Are Fun

Ever since my twins were born, well at about age twins, I have been creating memories using these products from Once Upon A Family. Ever since my twins were two years old, this is when I began buying products from this company, I began with their hands and feet. There is this book, Tiny
Prints that I have been using, with paint, on my twins hands and feet. I even put paint on my hands, not feet, and add to their books. Yes, I buy two of everything and love it. These memories are as much for me as they will be for my twins.

Along with using the Tiny Prints, I began putting together a scrapbook for my twins on their birthday. The scrapbook is called "Growing into Mommy's Gown", wedding gown. Every year on their birthday, on their birthday month, I take photos of them in my wedding gown or Nana's wedding gown or at the same time. This is my twins in Mommy's wedding gown on their 1st Birthday.

Right here is a movable growth chart. I like this because if you happen to move, your kids growth marks will go with you. Yes, I purchased two because I have my twins and they like when I have one of each...that is just  how they, and Mommy, roll..

Right here are two baby treasure chests.As you can see, I have filled them to the top with all things that happened with my twins in their first year of life. Also, as you can see, they were born preemies. Today, you would never think they were once preemies. Praise the Lord for my healthy TwiceBabies.
Right here is one of my time capsule. I do have two of these and want to get one more. I have one in
my home and one in the garage. As you can see, this one is full of baby toys and stuff like that.

This is my Family Box. In it are all sorts of things I may need to keep in one location so I am not looking well, all over the place for certain items. This is a great box to have. I just love boxes like these in fact, I need another one soon.

This box right here is called Words of Wisdom and is awesome. I have sent the envelopes and blank paper to both my grandmas, my Mom and my husbands Mom so they can write Words of Wisdom to my sweetie pies.

Right here is something I have been using quiet a lot lately. It is the Tooth Fairy Pillow. My sweetie pies think there is a Tooth Fairy so when they lose a tooth, I put their tooth in this gold pillow and sprinkle "pixie dust" on their bed, pillow, head and stuffed animals. It is a really cute idea.

 Do you like playing games or other fun stuff with my kids? If so, you will love this adorable idea. This is the Family Fun Box. At the end of every week, we write down on the paper in this box, something we want to do and whatever paper in drawn out, that is what we will permitting of course.

Oh, if you love anything to do with your family tree, this is an excellent product. I love it and just sent some more leaves to my Mom to give to my cousin and sister to fill out and send back to me. I even took one of the leaves off recently. I like this family tree because you can hang it on a wall, place against a wall or have it sit on a portrait easel. It is very nice to look at and will not really clash with anything in your home.

I have this Letters to My Dear Child box where
I have written letters to my girls since they were 1 year old.
 I LOVE this letter box because:

  • Letter writing is a lost art
  • This box (even though it is plastic, looks like wood) takes you back 50 years
  • Seeing you own handwriting is more personal than emails
  • Your child will love seeing their Mommy and/or Daddy handwriting
  • These letters will be treasured for ever

Here I am wearing this adorable apron, not sure if this is being sold at Once Upon a Family, but I wear this everyday and my twins love it and I use this folder almost every day for checking things I might be doing during the day like:
  • Washing Laundry
  • Picking up twins toys
  • Watering my veggie garden (Mondays)
  • I have a list of things I do during the week

Now, whether you are newly married, or have been married over 10 years, you and your spouse will love using this adorable Red Love Pillow with notes in it. It is perfect for Valentines Day and everyday:

Finally, I do use all of these products and love them. They have become part of my everyday, especially the Tooth Fairy Pillow, Family Tree Poster, Family Fun Box and well all of it...

Have fun with these and many other product from Once Upon a Family and create memories like I am.

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  1. The movable growth chart is a fantastic idea! I also need to get some trinket boxes and start that for my boys! Too cute!
    Nice to find another twin mommy blog.