Thursday, July 4, 2013

It was a Hot 4th of July

Oh wow, it certainly was a hot 4th of July this year. Well, who am I kidding, it is always hot on the 4th of July. This year, like the year before, I invited my Aunt and Uncle over from San Jose. They arrived at our home around 3ish and we had a blast, literally, a blast with the fireworks I told my Uncle to purchase from my churches fireworks booth. It was so much fun seeing him light the fireworks for my girls, and everyone, to see, and hear. Wow, some of the fireworks were ear piercing, indeed, but my twins loved them regardless. Well, of course they would have liked the fireworks, my twins are just as loud as the fireworks themselves.. deep calls to deep.. (LOL).

We do not have an in ground pool, but a blow up pool. We get at least two each summer. We are now on our second blow up pool. Well my Aunt and Uncle brought over their swim suits and got in the pool with the twins, I would not. I just know my twins will splash me like crazy. Even though it was in the 100s, I really did not want to get splashed with that cold water. Oh, we did have warm water balloons though and that was fun. I threw some balloons at my twins, Aunt and Uncle. Daddy was sitting by the BBQ and just looking on as we were having fun.

It really was a fun day, especially with all the delicious hamburgers, hot dogs and tri tip. Oh, and we have three bowls of chips, a very hot, and yummy, salsa, three cheeses with crackers and delicious beverages for all.

Having the 4th of July at my home is the best because we get a front row seat to the fireworks show at the high school. I invited my Aunt and Uncle to our home for the 4th of July years ago and they have come ever since. I mean, why drive or walk to see the fireworks when you can sit in my front yard and see the amazing fireworks, especially the finale... My city has the best finale around. IMHO.. :-)

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