Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TwiceBaby "A" Not Sleeping Well Tonight

Tuesday evening, TwiceBaby "A" did not have a good time sleeping. She woke up at least four times screaming and crying. She was pointing to something, I think the fan. She also wanted Mommy to read her a book again, so from memory, I read her "The Going to Bed Book".

TwiceBaby "As" screams were wow, she never screams like that. I have a nightlight in her room and her sister sleeps right next to her. So, I asked her twin sister, TwiceBaby "B", to hold her hand.

Even that did not work. Then, Daddy came in and gave them some milk. Daddy must think I deprive my twins of any liquid during the day. So, when they wake up, again, he gets to change their diapers. I love when I say not to do something....for a reason....and I am under minded.

Anyway, TwiceBaby "A" and TwiceBaby "B" are both sleeping now. Either of them were thirsty. I just made them drink the milk since it had been poured.

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