Thursday, July 31, 2008

TwiceBabies at our Friends Home This Afternoon

This afternoon, my friend from church invited us to her home. She and her boys have come to my home several times before. So, today was the first time at her home. Her home is adorable and she has so many outdoor toys in her backyard. Well, with boys, they usually require more entertainment than girls. Yeah right, in some other parallel world. My girls act like boys and play like boys too.
Anyway, we played outdoors until lunch time. After three or four times of asking my girls to eat their lunch if they wanted to play again and have some cookies, we left. Twin "B" more than "A", is not a fan of eating at all. I have to open her mouth and ask her to bite down on the PB&J and swallow. Oh goodness....toddlers are so difficult!
Well, here are some photos from our afternoon at my twins friends home.

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