Friday, July 11, 2008

TwiceBabies are Still Napping

It is almost 3PM and my twins are still sleeping. Well, they have been getting up much earlier these past days. Nana seems to think it is because they are getting older and do not need much sleep anymore. They have been getting up around 7-8AM. When my twins turn four, I think that is when I will put them in daycare for two to three days a week from 9-12. But that means I really can not work outside my home. Well, that will have to be something my hubby and I talk about.

Right now, when they turn three, I want to teach my twins at home. I want to get purchase some Christian learning material for them online. It is my duty to prepare my girls for the not so nice outside world and they need to be grounded in the Lord. Especially since our school system has done all they can to make our schools as secular as possible.

God Bless Sleeping Babies and Christian Learning Material.

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