Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana, Mommy and Daddy go to Costco

This was an adventure to say the least. We could not find a cart with two straps that were not torn or cut off. It took forever to find one we could use.

Once we found a good cart, Mommy went indoors to use the restroom. Then I found them by the meat aisle. We purchased no meat, only diapers, two two packs of 2% milk, freezer dried apples and strawberries, lots of chips and mac nuts. Then, we strolled on over to the food court, purchased two hot dogs with drink and attempted to sit down, but our twins wanted to get down, Mommy said no. This is when they threw a fit and Daddy strolled them outdoors to our car.

Then, my friend from church walked towards my Mom and I as we were eating. So, we talked for a while and then we got up, all walked out together and and drove home.

Once home, my twins watched one more Hi-5 and they got ready for bed. Daddy read to them and once Daddy left, they talked to each other for a while, them began to fuss again and that is when Nana went in to comfort Twin A.

On yes, it was a busy, busy day indeed.

God Bless Nana and Daddy!

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