Sunday, July 6, 2008

TwiceBabies and Their BabySitter

So, Saturday(5) and Sunday(6), my twins stayed with their babysitter over the weekend while my hubby and I drove to my cousin's wedding in SLO/Santa Margarita. The wedding was just lovely. The wedding was at a ranch of a friend that my cousin's brides family knows.

It took my hubby and I three, almost four hours to get to the hotel we were staying at. Once at the hotel, that evening at five, we went to the wedding. So, before the wedding, my hubby and I rested in our hotel room then met my parents downstairs as we all went together in their vehicle.

The wedding was just lovely. The bride had five maids and my cousin had five groomsman. Two of the bridesmaids were my cousins two sister, my cousins. As soon as my two girl cousins walked to the platform, they began to weep with joy seeing their brother get married.

The only reason I drove that far to see my cousin get married was because he was my only male cousin and I wanted to make him and his bride fell special.

Anyway, all day Saturday, my twins played with their babysitter at a park in our city, then they went to a water park in a neighboring city and had so much fun. I will have to take them there soon myself. I had no idea this park even existed.

On Sunday, we drove home from SLO around 3:30 and arrived back at home some time after 6. When we got home, our twins were out with their babysitter doing something. As soon as they got home, they were exhausted and fussed like you would not image!!

Anyway, the weekend for all of us seemed to be quite too much. As soon as our twins got home, Daddy fed them and they went to bed.

Praise God for Weekends Apart!

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