Monday, July 21, 2008

TwiceBaby "A" and Night Terrors?

So I called my twins baby doctor today and told her Twin "A" has a hard time sleeping at night. She wakes up screaming to the top of her lungs. Right now, it is only Twin "A", hopefully Twin "B" will not have these night terrors as they are called.

When I talked to her, I asked if I can give Twin "A" some Melatonin. She said some parents have begin to inquire about Melatonin and one parent used it, with no results. But she said it was alright for me to try it. Whatever the bottle says for adults, half that for toddlers. I also asked if I could use a lavender spray on her pillow and apply some lavender lotion to her skin. In which she said yes I could. Oh, my twins baby doctor also said these terrors are 'normal' for toddlers their age and they will eventually get over it.

So, Wednesday evening, after bible study, I will see if I can find some at the pharmacy, if they are still open.

God Bless Twin "A" with sleeping issues...

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