Thursday, July 24, 2008

TwiceBaby "B" and her Blankie

Over the past several weeks, Twicebaby "B", when hurt or has an boo boo looks for her blankie. It is the funniest thing because she and her sister have always loved their blankies, but now, when twin "B" or twin "A" get hurt, they cry out, "Blankie!" "Blankie!"

Once her blankie is located, she places it on her wound or where ever she thinks her blankie will make her boo boo feel better.

Still today, at 2.7 months, Twicebaby "B" has to take her blankie with her in the car and on some outings. Not all the time though because Mommy does not want to clean that blankie all the time. As of right now, her blankie, and her sisters, is on its 'last leg' so to speak.

Nana made their blankies when they were still preemies and I wrapped them in the blankies until they could no longer be wrapped in them.

God Bless my TwiceBaby "B" and "A" and their blankies which give them much comfort.

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