Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TwiceBabies and the Color Blue

Recently, my twins have gravitated towards the color Blue. Yes, at 2.8 years of age, they know many colors and the one they like the best is Blue. Nana's favorite color is Blue, along with her eyes. Daddy also has blue eyes. That alone could be a reason for them liking Blue so much.

Right now, they get the colors Pink, Red and Orange mixed up. But with all the books and Com cast Cable shows we read/watch about colors, they are sure to learn the basic colors by age 3.

By the time they were 11 months old, they already knew which blanket was theirs. Twin "A" has the Green blanket and Twin "B" has the pink blanket. It is also rumored that babies know their own scent on any article of clothing or blanket. So, this too could be why they always wanted a particular blanket.

See, babies are smart. Our 'professional' society, do not give infants and babies enough credit.

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