Friday, July 11, 2008

Bill IQ Score, This is Something Everyone Needs to Check Out

Wow, this Finacially Fit Bill IQ Test is easy to do and you realize where you are finaicially in your life. I just found out my Financially Fit Bill IQ and am none too happy with it. It was bad, but not so bad that it can be fixed. What I need is a good job after my twins are in school that will allow for me to add more money to my 401(k) and start a college fund for my twins. Along with these two imporant money areas, it will be necessary for me and my husband to create a will. We have thought about it, but have not had time to create one.

The one thing I learned about my Bills IQ was that I am far from being finaicially fit for anything. Being in debt is never an easy road to go down. Esecially when our government is financially ruined. Another thing I learned from Bills IQ is to avoid Bankruptcy at all costs. The only way to do this is by not carrying any credit cards in your wallet or purse. Credit cards have very confusing contracts which give all the rights and powers to yor credit card issuer. It is best to know what you are paying before swiping that credit card for any purchase. Paying a high interest is not throwing your hard earned money away.

It is good for everyone to be a wise spender and pay off our credit cards. Never leaving a balance. Otherwise, we are giving our hard earned money to our creditors.

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