Sunday, July 27, 2008

TwiceBabies, Mommy and Daddy go to Church

This morning, we all went to church. I worked in the nursey and my twins were next door to me, like always. Except this morning, my twins did not cry or scream as Daddy and Mommy left.

And many some people do not believe in miracles. Well, I just witnessed my third miracle.

This truly was a miracle. All our twins wanted were 'group hugs' as they call them. So, before Daddy and Mommy left, we both gave our twins their much needed 'group hugs'. Then, I went next door and waited for some infants and one year olds to come in.

When I took a bathroom break, I peeked into the window where my twins were learning about Jesus. They were so precious. They were actually sitting in little people chairs, next to each other, and listening to my friend teach them how to do something. Well, there were not really learning, but putting a hat together.

My twins looked so adorable in there. I loved seeing them actually calm and paying attention.

Hopefully, our twins will repeat what they did today, next Sunday.

God willing....

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