Sunday, July 27, 2008

TwiceBabies went to bed early tonight

This evening, my twins, Twin "A" specifically, went to bed early tonight. It was around 7:30PM (PST) and Twin "A" was just beside herself. She was crying and would not share the little pony's with here sister. That is the reason for her being beside herself. Twin "A" wanted to hoard all the pony's for herself.

I really have no idea why. Right now, my twins have no idea how to play with these toys. All they know how to do is fight and bicker and cause Mommy undue stress.

So, Daddy had enough and told Twin "A" if she did not stop crying and acting out, it was bedtime for her. Well, Twin "A" would not stop crying so off to bed she and her sister went.

They have both been sleeping nicely since 7:45.

Because our twins went to bed so early, the time feels like 1ish instead of 11:16PM (PST).

God Bless Early Sleeping Babies!!

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