Monday, July 21, 2008

TwiceBabies attempt to eat a Table Meal

Today, Mommy actually attempted to make a meal for all four of us to eat. You see, I am not a fan of cooking, but LOVE baking!

Anyway, today, I made some BBQ patties in my broiler. I was not sure when Daddy would come home from work, so I made two tiny and one medium patty for the three of us. Then, I put frozen and cut green and yellow squash in hot water, along with baking two potatoes.

Daddy came home before he usually does so we all sat down together, at our dining table, and ate our meal. Well, Daddy and Mommy ate all their meal, while TwiceBabies "A and B" only at their potatoes and veggies. Well, Mommy had to mix the veggies in with the potatoes for them to eat the veggies. The only thing my twins would not eat was the hamburger, the one thing I wanted them to eat for protein.

Oh well, this is a good start at least.

Baby steps, even Mommy needs or must take them to succeed.

God Bless TwiceBabies who are eating something healthy for a change...

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