Monday, July 14, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana and Mommy Stay Home

This morning, we all just stayed home. My twins played in the family room, my bedroom, living room, danced to their 1st Birthday Music. Along with playing indoors, because it is so nice right now, they played in their sandbox, on their bikes and sat on their big blue blanket playing with a full Arrowhead bottle.

Yeah, it was a nice morning. Even though they tend to get fussy every now and then. Did you know two year olds are notorious for be whiners and always fussy? It is true!! Oh good Lord, who can really live with that! No wonder this stage is called the Terrible Two's. Even after reading a book about how to avoid the terrible twos, my twins are still round and tumble tough little two's.

I hear two year olds are also this way because they are bored and 'probably tired'. I think it is because they are not getting their way. They always want Mommy all to themselves or want something they are not supposed to have.

Anyway, so far today, we have stayed home. Maybe this afternoon we will all go out and do something.

God Bless Babies Who WHINE!! Maybe I should as if they want CHEESE with their WHINE nextime!!

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