Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana and Mommy at Chilis

This morning, my TwiceBabies, Nana and Mommy first went to Cost Plus to look for some MSG free snacks and foods, which we did. MSG is a killer of not only your brain cells, but harms your whole body and how it functions. The one thing I really like about Cost Plus is the fact they do their best to sell food products with no chemicals to harm their customers and themselves.

After Cost Plus, we all went to Chili's for lunch. We put my twins in their high chairs and Nana and Mommy sat on the regular chairs.

We ordered a pre meal snack then these little, tiny burgers. They were real good, those tiny burgers, you should try them. My twins just ate cashews we purchased at Cost Plus.

After about forty-five mintues, my twins began getting ansy and wanted down. So, we finished out meal, paid the bill and all left to go home and take out nap. Before our nap, my twins watched their Hi-5 show at least once.

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