Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mommy Might to the Park

If the weather is nice tomorrow, not too windy, I will take them to the park. I have to get them out of the house. They, along with Mommy, go crazy. My twins personalities clash, like the Titans, all the time. Rarely, or few and far between, do they get along. Do you think this is a trend or will they grow out of this selfishness?

Oh goodness, it is a good thing my husband layed the sod last weekend after the cement block was removed from the center of our backyard. Now, once the grass begins to root itself in the ground, we can purchase the swing set for our twins, Mommy and all their friends.

Once the cold weather lurks into our city, our twins, and their friends, can play in our backyard instead of going to a park. This is a cool swing set we are getting them too. Lots of fun stuff for them to do in and on it. I like it for the play house on top and below. There is also a basketball hoop for them to shoot hoops with Mommy and Daddy.

Good thing toy companies make swing sets for backyard homes.

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