Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mall with Auntie Cheryl

This morning, Auntie Cheryl came over and picked up TwiceBabies A and B. They went to the mall and played in the arcade area. I never knew there was a train for toddlers in there! Let alone those rides you see outside grocery stores in the arcade as well.

Well, they just had a blast on the train and those coin operated rides. Next time I go out, I will have to take my girls to the mall. By walking by the arcade, it does not look like anything but games are in there. But, lo and behold, a train is in there. How much fun!

Twins A and B love being outside, well, not in the house and they especially like spending time with other family members. I mean, one can only be with Mommy for so long before a new face is in order, right? I do not blame my twins as I like a break from them as well.

So, next time the three of us go out, we will all go to the mall.

God Bless Mall arcades!


  1. How many times I've said that last line myself! LOVE the in-mall playgrounds!

    You have beautiful girlies...enjoy 'em!

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  3. Your twin girls are cute and adorable.