Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looking to Fix a Myopia or Hyperopia Eye Problem?

You may be asking, what is Myopia and Hyperopia? Myopia is known as having near-sightedness eye sight and Hyperopia is known as having long sightedness eyesight. There is now a new scientific way to improve your eyesight without always purchasing a new set of prescription eyeglasses.

Now, Pinhole-Glasses-Direct is allowing anyone to purchase their pinhole glasses for a reasonable price, along with free shipping. With free shipping, how can you go wrong!

The wearer of pinhole eyeglasses will begin to see their peripheral vision changing. WARNING!! These should not be used when driving or operating any vehicle. Pinhole Glasses reduce the amount of light entering your eyes. So these glasses cannot be used in environments where there is dim light. Wearing pinhole glasses will not prevent harmful UV rays from entering your eyes. It is not advised using these to view the sun.

You may be asking, what is the difference between Pinhole-Glasses and Eye-Glasses. The difference that Pinhole-Glasses do not use lenses to improve your vision. Pinhole-Glasses use the principle of sight to let in rays which are capable of forming a clear image on the retina. Pinhole-Glasses also do not cause damage that prescription glasses inflict on your eyes. Now, regular Eye-Glasses use concave lenses which are being studied to see the bad side-effects on eyes. Continiously wearing concave lenses may remedy your vision situation, but it is now believed that they aggravate the problem even further.

For all the many wearers of eye glasses for near sightedness, you already know that object in seem nearer than they appear. Just like when looking in your vehicle's side mirrors.

With all the information, it is time for you to purchase a pair, or two, of Pinhole-Glasses and see why you will no longer have to change glasses at regular intervals. Even a small scratch or mark on your prescription glasses will render them useless. This can have a considerable effect on your vision and pocketbook.

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