Friday, July 18, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana, Mommy and Friends at Aquatic Park

Today, the weather was nice. It was actually perfect, too perfect in fact. That is a story I will have to write about at the end of this post.
Anyway, today, my Mom, twins and myself met my girlfriend at this aquatic park in a new city next to where I live. We all met at this park at 10AM. The water,we were told, usually comes on between 10-11:15. Today, the water came on at 12:00PM.
This park is so cool. It is the central park of this city and has several play stations for each child's age group. The major feature of this park though is the water feature. It is a large, round cement area where water spouts up from the ground. The tall and very strong water feature is in the center of the water area, while the small water spouts are found in the outer part of the water area for toddlers to play in.
My twins and their friends had a lot of fun today. My twins are not really fans of water, even though they take baths and occasional showers with Mommy. And, even though we have a baby pool in the backyard and a Lil Squirt pool for my twins.
TwiceBaby "B" seemed to like the water spouts more than TwiceBaby "A". TwiceBaby "B" tends to be, at times, more fearless than her sister. But, even now and then, their roles change and they, yet again, change how they want to play or act towards any situation.

God Bless AQUATIC parks for children to play in and have fun.

****Around 1:00PM, we drove home. On our way home, my twins were asleep. I love when my twins fall asleep in the car. Not only are they not fussing, they are sleeping...yeah....As my twins were sleeping, my Mom and I went to In N Out and got a cheeseburger meal each, drove home, and that is when my twins woke up.
We got in the house, ate our lunch then my twins and I took our real nap. Once we woke up around 4ish, that is when I realized they had gotten burned. The sun was hot today, but I had no idea how hot it was. I was burned too...all over my arms and chest. My face got a little sun, but not too much. So, my twins, my Mom and myself sprayed some rose water on our burns and then once the aloe Vera was warm enough, we rubbed that into our skin as well.

Oh, my sweet babies, I home their burns go done real soon. It does not look comfortable at all. Please, just keep them in your prayers that the burns will subside within two to three days.
Thank you and God Bless!!

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