Thursday, July 17, 2008

Protecting Your Assets is Important, Who Do You Have On Your Side?

After working hard all your life and saving money the most of your money, it is time to find a tax haven for your money. Would you really want your money going to the state? No. If anything, you want your money going to your family members.

There are ways to legally protect and preserve your hard earned money. It is important for anyone to use a good law firm who is on your side when it comes to your wealth preservation. Each and everyone of us are vulnerable to attack when it comes to our money being taken away from us. Your money can be seized from uncaring creditors or even frozen. Wow, frozen assets, what would you do when you are unable to use your money?

One way to protect your hard earned assets is by putting your money in an offshore asset protection program. Yes, the word "offshore" has a bad connotation, but placing your assets in a offshore trust account is actually protecting your assets, not hiding it.

Where your assets are located offshore, complete asset protection is assured by the laws of the jurisdiction where the annuity resides. Many foreign jurisdictions also exempt the annuity for virtually all local taxes. An offshore trust also functions like a domestic insurance trust and purchase a high case value variable universal insurance policy for foreign company. This means, no U.S. tax disclosure is required.

With the way the world is going today, being able to protect your assets in anyway you can, looks like a plus. So, what are you waiting for?

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