Sunday, July 20, 2008

TwiceBabies Adore Their KeeKee

This evening, my twins have been such a handful. They have been so fussy and oh, my, goodness, driving Daddy crazy. Recently, we have been watching "Babe" on Comcast Cable and my twins well, like the credits. You heard me right, they really only like the credit portion of the movie with the mice singing in their squeaky voices.

So, after Babe is over, we have to rewind the movie credits so my twins can hear the mice sing the ending song again and again and yet, again.

Along with listening to the ending credits for Babe, they have been watching all the available
Hi-5 shows on Comcast Cable. My twins have these obsessions that kind of remind me of, well, ME. God help me for creating these little OCD babies.

But, over the past couple months, the OCD behavior I had, since my teen years, has not been that bad. I see how my twins are acting and it does not sit well with me or Daddy.

Anyway, my twins want to do watch or do the same thing, over and over and over and over again. Even saying NO does not stop their behavior at times.

God Bless TwiceBabies who will NOT possess Mommies, sometimes, OCD behaviors.

Oh, well, when the Babe credits had ended, my twins came looking for Mommy and they found their KeeKee too. Instead of going towards Mommy, they ran straight to their KeeKee. I have to always tell them to be nice to her and not kick her. To pet her nicely and stop screaming at the KeeKee. The only time our KeeKee comes out, from under our bed, is at night once the TwiceBaby Terrors are down for the night.

Silly Babies.....

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