Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana, Mommy and 103 Weather

Yeah, you read that correctly. It was 103 in my city today. Guess what that meant? Again, you would be correct. We all stayed indoors. Honestly, would you take your toddlers outside on a day like this? How unconformable it is. Not only was it hot, it was humid and with the fires from Santa Cruz and Big Sur coming my way, it was a bad day to breath the air.

So, all day, we pretty much watched their Hi-5 shows, Brainy Baby shows and Nana and Mommy read to them. My twins love books and they love mimicking Mommy and Nana as we read to them.

My twins are impressing Nana with their knowledge of colors, shapes and ability to read along with Nana. Nana says, "Mommy is teaching you well." Well, as a stay at home Mom, I assume this is my role, you know, to teach my babies and show them a love for books and reading.

Well, tomorrow, we are all going out for lunch. Someplace toddler friendly, Chili's or Chevy's.

God Bless for Now!

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