Saturday, July 26, 2008

TwiceBabies, Mommy and Daddy go to Babies R Us and Toys R Us

This afternoon my husband had to go by a home and turn on the sprinkler system for a home that is on the market. Before that had to be done, we all went to Babies R Us to get some more bath soap and shampoo. I love that store. It has everything a Mom to Be or New Mom could ever want. Don't you just love a one-stop-shop? They are the best invention to come along in the past 20 years.

From Babies R Us, we all drove down the street to Toys R Us. We rarely go to a Toys R Us as there is not one really close to us. The closest Toys R Us is the one we drove to today. Once we were all inside the store, my husband and I were looking specifically for a swing set for our twins. The one we wanted was not in the store. So, we will more likely than not have to purchase it online. We were also there to look for any Discovery Kids Hi-5 DVDs. Did they have those? No, of course not, what would they. So, I will have to purchase those from the Discovery Kids website. Well, since we were there, we let our twins pick out some toys to take home. So, they each got a new stuffed animal. They love tigers. When we were about to enter the checkout line, Twin "B" had a stuffed tiger animal in her arms and Daddy asked here where she found it so we could get another one. Once Mommy found the aisle it was in, I looked for another one for Twin "A". At first, Twin "A" wanted a different animal, but I had to remind her that her sister and her would fight over each other's stuffed toy. In the end, Twin "A" was alright with getting the exact same stuffed tiger that her sister had.

Along with the stuffed tiger animals, Twins "A" and "B" got a four pack of tiny Pretty Pony's and an individual Blue Pretty Pony.

Tonight, I will have to look online for the Hi-5 DVDs for our 5-6 hour drive to Nana and Papa's home next month.

God Bless Babies and Toys R Us stores

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