Monday, July 14, 2008

TwiceBabies Stay at Home With Nana

Today, my twins stayed home with Nana while my hubby and I went to church. Oh, it was exactly what I needed today too. The Lord always knows what I need to listen to and soak in. I cried in service today because I was totally convicted for some of my words and actions. I have been having a pity party over the past couple days and I needed to get back into shape. Well, that happened today alright.

Anyway, after church, my hubby and I went to take photos of a home he will probably sell and then went to Wal Mart and Home Depot for various products we needed.

Then,when we got home, Nana and the twins were in the bedroom, sleeping. That is until Nana was trying to get out and she was locked in. Twin "B" had locked the door from the outside and the key was not in the room.

So, Nana was knocking on the door, my hubby went to open the door and our twins came running out to hug and kiss Mommy. Nana said it was because she was in trouble.

Silly baby girls....

God Bless my TwiceBabies and my Church who gives me something good to devour!!

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