Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana and Mommy found another Park

My girlfriend told us about another park, in a neighboring city that also has water for children to play in. This park is probably twenty minutes away. This park also is in another county. So, I am sure that county utilizes that park a lot in the summer time. Since we are closer to this new city, we are bound to not be crowded out by a county that has been using their park for a long time. And that county is also not expecting citizens from other counties to be using their parks.

I wish my city would build a park with water fountains in the ground. Some of our parks to have misters in them. They are fun, but still not water fountains to jump in and get all wet to cool down.

Oh well, sometimes, it takes time for cities to 'catch up' to surrounding cities and counties.

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