Saturday, July 19, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana and Papa

Today, my Dad drove up to my home to pick up my Mom. My Mom has been at my home for two weeks visiting and helping me with my twins, her twin grand daughters.

So, this afternoon, Papa drove up to my home and my his twin grand daughters ran up to hug and kiss him. My twins love their Papa Hop. Too bad they only got to see him for less than a day. My parents have to drive back home tomorrow morning because my Dad has to get back to work Monday morning.

But, as short lived as this trip was, my twins will see Papa again in mid August for two weeks. My husband, our twins and myself will be driving down to see my parents for two weeks. Well, not my husband, just my twins and myself as my husband has to get back to work too.

I was unable to get any photos of my twins with Papa this time, but I will in August.

God Bless Papa Hop and Nana Hop Too!!

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