Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking for ways to improve your Financial Health and Score?

If you are stressed out about not being able to pay down or pay off your credit cards, the best this for you to do is get some Credit counseling. These days, with the economy not looking so good, many people have been relying on their credit cards to pay for their mortgage, car payments, groceries and so much more. It looks like the economy may be like this for some time, but have no fear, BillsIQ wants to help you get back on your feet.

These days, Federal laws require any and all bankruptcy candidates to seek credit counceling before filing. Credit councelors are able to help you way before a you decide to file a bankruptcy.

Just remember, if you have missed some payments on any or all your credit cards, please do not let creditor's keep calling you. The best thing to do is nip it in the bud and call a credit councelor. The only way to keep your good name and credit score is to remain a responsible credit card holder.

When I realized I was using my credit card like paper money, I had to remove my credit card from my wallet and just pay cash or stop spending money I did not have. This is a logical way to look at any situation where it can get out of control. Yes, it is hard to not spend money, but so is having creditors calling you day and night.

Take the first step and be responsible for any spending actions. Also,stop watching the television, this is the main culprit into spending money you do not have. The advertisements use subliminal messages to get you to spend money, on your credit cards, which you can not pay off or down.

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