Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Dance Class Today

Well, it seems both my twins now like dance class. Twin "A" and Twin "B" love showing me their new moves. Today at dance class, they showed Mommy again how they do their dance step on these four colored soft steps. They begin in the middle, cross one of their feet over the other and do their little dance move.

It is just adorable and then they take a bow. I love it. Right now, they do not know the name of each dance step they are doing, but I think one of them is Adagio. My twins do know what Adagio is because they watch Little Einsteins and in that show, they always start Rocket moving with Adagio, then Allegro.

Anyway, it looks like my twins are really having a good time dancing now. Well, things with them change rather quickly, I mean they are toddlers for one thing. They change their mind like the wind changes direction.

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