Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun and Exciting Personalized Gifts for Children

Whether you have a toddler entering preschool, kindergarten or playing outdoors, they will want their own personalized nap mat. These personalized nap mats come in a variety of colors, designs and your child can have their name sewn on one side of it. Your child can look at and choose from three styles of nap mats. These are the three styles to look at and choose from: Mint Nap Mats, My Nap Pak Nap Mat, Cavachi Nap Mat.

The Mint Nap Mat is an excellent nap mat for younger children and toddlers because they are softly padded,along with being lined with nylon, cotton and they have a ribbon trim. These nap mats are soft and feel like a fleecy blanket. The best thing about this type of nap mat is, once you are done using it, it rolls up with a Velcro closure and carrying strap. If this were not enough for comfort, this nap mat comes with a soft, attached fleece blanket and a removable foam pillow. When it comes time to clean the mat, simply remove pillow and toss the nap mat in the washing machine.

In case you are wondering, the Mint nap mats are very sturdy, measures 18.5" x 46" and come at a very reasonable price of $42 each. This will be a gift your child or grandchild will thank you for over and over again.

Along with personalized nap mats, there are amazing personalized backpacks for children as young as four years old and tweens. This personalized backpacks are very sturdy and are constructed with nylon material. Being made of nylon material and being sturdy is excellent for toddlers and tween since they are so busy and tend to not take care of their personal things. Along with being a sturdy backpack, they have a plenty of space for children's books and their matching lunch tote. These backpacks are easy to personalize and are created with Mint’s own special fabrics and a colorful border design.

When your child gets ready for the new school year, they will want a personalized backpack and matching lunch tote or duffel bag. This will be a great gift set.
These personalized backpacks measure 15" x 13.5". Along with being the perfect size for school books, they only cost $26.00 a piece.

Finally, another excellent personalized gift for your child are the Stephen Joseph Backpacks. At an excellent price of only $19.99 a piece and measuring
12” x 13.25” and 5” deep with a very large zippered opening; your child will love these cute Stephen Joseph Backpacks! These Stephen Joseph Backpacks are made from vinyl, are very easy to take care of and wipe down with a damp cloth. Every one of these backpacks give your child plenty of room for whatever they bring to school. If your child needs the backpack to be lengthened or shortened, the straps along the back are adjustable and the backpack has a small inside pocket. These backpacks come in 12 designs for girls or boys alike. These backpacks can be made even cuter with your child’s name embroidered on it. These Stephen Joseph backpacks are perfect for going to preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and perhaps dance class, sports or sleepovers.

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