Monday, March 8, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom loves Peet's Coffee

Sunday, after church, all four of us went to Raley's to get some more groceries and I got a delicious Peet's Coffee with a shot of Raspberry, some whip on top with raspberry sauce on top. Along with my delicious iced, not hot, cup of coffee, I purchased a Peet's Coffee & Tea Diner style mug. I love it. Well, I have always liked cups or mugs from whatever coffee place I drink at.

Let's see, I have a coffee mug from Panama Bay Co. in downtown Livermore, a Starbucks (3 actually) mugs and (2 travel mugs) and now my Peet's Coffee & Tea Diner Mug. On my receipt, the mug was shown as a Diner Mug. My mug is a medium brown color with black or dark brown writing. I like it too. It sits nicely on my table and holds plenty of coffee too.

No, I have not had any tea in this Diner Mug yet. I might...or might not.

Can you tell I am happy to happy to have this mug? I have been eyeing it since December. Yeah! I finally purchased it..

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