Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Daddy at the Gym

Yeah, my twins are so happy to go with Daddy to the gym. They love the gym because there are some fun toys to play with and a toddler like gym in the daycare room. Plus, they get to see Daddy working out through one of the window and they can watch children's movies.

Along with going to the gym with Daddy, they usually go someplace else after the gym like the grocery store. They usually go to Raley's. My twins love Raley's because they have a toy car cart for my girls to sit in. They usually get the blue toy car card. They think that is cool.

If they do not go to the grocery store after the gym, they will go pick up some dinner. Tonight, I think they are going to Chili's to use a gift card my Mom and Dad gave us for Valentine's Day. Oh yummy, I love Chili's.

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