Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Ballet Class Today

Well, I forgot to bring my camera today. Oh well, my twins really do like their dance class, even if one of my twins obey their dance instructor. It really irritates me when Twin "B" does not obey. I keep telling her, Twin "B", Mommy and Daddy pay for these dance classes. We need to you do what your instructor says, otherwise not only will you get no sticker, you will be in the naughty chair. Honestly, I do not think Twin "B" cares, but I do. And, Twin "A" tells Mommy and Daddy what sister did or did not do in class.

This summer, our twins will not be taking dance anyway. Instead, they will be learning to swim. Oh yes, they need to learn to swim so if asked to a swim party, they will not drown, among other things. I took swim lessons at age 7, I think and then I was able to swim all the time. My twins are not really fans of getting their faces wet, but learning to swim requires getting their faces wet.

Well, next week, I will remember to bring my camera and take photos/video of them doing their newest moves..

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