Monday, March 1, 2010

TwiceToddlers are Still Napping

Oh, it is nice when my girls sleep like I would like them to. My twins, they are up all day talking, playing and yes, fighting with each other about this and that. The only time they are not arguing and talking is when they are napping or down for the evening.

Even today, I still love watching my twins as they nap or sleep for the evening. They look so peaceful and like little Angels. Of course, they are resting their minds and their bodies...oh, and they give Mommy a little break too.

My twins, they think they are the only ones who take naps..I have to remind them that their preschool friends also take naps, especially their (boy) friends J and C. Oh yes, my twins, at 4 years old, have (boy)friends. Well, the boys to outnumber the girls in their class. There are only 5 girls and I think 20 boys..

But I am getting off topic. Yes, I to write often about my twins taking naps. Well, that is because it is wonderful when they actually are quite and doing what Mommy asks. In fact, it is a miracle.

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