Thursday, March 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers Playing with Apple Shaped Learning Toy and Finally Napping

Okay, so last night, one of their freinds Mom's emailed me asking if their friend, who is a boy, could come over today, until 2:45. I got back to her via Yahoo saying yes and also giving her my cell number, just in case she I was not only yet.

Well, I never received an email or call. It seems we both have issues staying in contact, even with all this technology today, we are jus not able to connect. So, thank goodness I did not let my twins know their friend,who is a boy, was coming over today. If I had, on my, they would have had a meltdown over him not showing up. This is a great reason to NEVER tell your toddler ANYTHING before it happens. I mean, it is wise to just wait up until the second something is to happen or someone is coming over. Otherwise, toddlers will talk about the event or person until it happens or they see that person or persons.

Anyway, my twins were playing with this toy Nana and Papa got them for Christmas two years ago. It is shaped like a red apple with a green stem on it. Now, there are two of these toys but only one was in the house. They were actually playing with this toy. I was shocked and amazed because this means they will begin playing with the Leapster Nana and Papa got their for their birthday's next year. As it is, they rarely, if ever, play with it right now.

Anyway, right now, my twins are napping and this is a good thing. It gives Mommy a break and it allows them to have the energy to stay up tonight and watch the three cartoons they like to watch On Demand cable.

My twins, they certainly do have a lot of energy, but I am glad because it shows me they are just that, toddlers that need to be entertained almost 24/7. If they were not like this, I would be wondering why. I praise God for their health and wellbeing.

Go Busy TwiceToddlers!

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