Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking for Reviews on Health Insurance Companies?

If you either want to look at the reviews from Health Insurance Reviewer or write your own health insurance reviews online, you can. I bet you never knew that was an actual website for reading or writing health insurance company reviews did you?

At the Health Insurance Reviewer website, a health insurance purchaser can now read reviews from health insurance companies all over America. These health insurance companies go from Aetna to World Insurance. There are already some good and not so good reviews on how these health insurance companies treat the individual or families they insure. On these reviews, the person or person(s) who write their reviews do not hold back either. They are either happy or not so happy with the health insurance company they were with or still are with.

Along with looking for insurance companies by name, you can also look for insurance companies by state which could make it easier for the insurance purchaser. If and when you decide to write a review, you do not have to use your real name either. Instead, the reviewer can use a nickname for their protection.

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