Thursday, March 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers Bubble Bath

My twins love taking baths. Even though they are four years old, they prefer taking baths to showers. For one reason, they do not like getting their head wet and the other, they think they stay warmer in the bath water.

Since they like taking baths, I have been using this bubble bath called Nature's Baby Organics Bubble Bath. It is made from organic ingredients and has Gentle Moisturizing Bubbles, with either a Lovely Lavender or a Gentle Moisturizing Bubbles, Tangy Tangerine. I prefer the smell of lavender because it calms my twins down. Especially when they are getting ready for bed.

If you are looking for natural or organic baby products for your babies gentle skin, using any Nature's Baby Organics products is what I still use and would only use. There are many other products I use from Nature's Baby Organics such as the Shampoo & Body Wash, Lavender Chamomile, the Silky Dusting Powder, Fragrance Free (which I keep out of reach from my twins), the Diaper Ointment, Fragrance-Free (which is the very best around) and the Ah-Choo! Chest Rub, Eucalyptus (for stuffy noses and coughing-which I also keep out of reach from my twins and tell them not to touch).

Then, when I am on vacation, I make sure I have the small 4 piece travel kit which comes in lavender or vanilla tangerine scents.

With all the name brand and "tried" baby products in stores, have you really looked to see what is in those products? I did and when my twins were still in my belly, I decided to look online for natural or organic baby products for the skin. I may use these products forever because they smell so good and my twins have never complained about the products.

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