Saturday, March 20, 2010

TwiceToddlers, Mommy and Friends at Round Valley Regional Park

On Thursday, my twins, myself, their friends Miriam and Stephen and their Mommy Carolyn, all went to this awesome park called Round Valley Regional Park in a nearby city. This is a state park which looks like it sits on some private property as there are some abandoned farms, farming equipment and some grazing cows up in the hills as well. Visitors can use the trails for walking, hiking and horse back riding as well. There is a stream which runs through parts of the park and lots of regional flowers and our state flower, the California Poppy, as well.

I had a great time as did my twins. It was such a nice day and I love have always loved nature, being outdoors and seeing what the Lord has in store for His children on such a lovely sunny, bright and welcoming day.

Here are some photos I too of our excursion on Thursday. Enjoy!

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