Thursday, March 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers "Rub it and Walk"

When I was a little girl and even in high school, my Dad would always tell me to "Rub it and Walk" if I had fallen and injured myself either running in a race or playing some sort of game. Now, with my twins, I and telling them to also "Rub it and Walk". My twins fall usually from their bicycle as they make turns or fall from their swings in the backyard or from, you guessed it, running. They never--stop--running..

Anyway, instead of always giving them a Boo Boo Buddy, a bag full of ice or band aid, I tell them to "Rub it and Walk".

It is so cute, I was in my bedroom where my twins are eating dinner and watching a Disney movie and Twin "A" said, "Rub it and Walk, this is what Papa used to say to Mommy when she was little." I just had to laugh to myself.

I do hope they learn to rub their boo boo's from now on instead of always asking for a Band Aid or Boo Boo Buddy. Especially if there is no blood on the surface of their "wound". My twins, they think even a scratch is worthy of a Band Aid or Boo Boo Buddy.

My twins, they are character's indeed.

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